A ship wrecker settles for the lonely life of a lighthouse
keeper in an attempt to escape his demons!

Sad, sorry souls upon the shore

We’re wretched, worthless and so poor

Cast nightly, nets upon the waves

Our Bodies and our souls to save

But driven by a boundless greed

And worldly wants beyond our need

There’s no love lost for fellow man

We’ll take what’s theirs because we can

So thick as thieves, this night we will

Brave dreadful dark, we’ll drink our fill

While smoking at the Smugglers Inn

We hatch a plot all ripe with sin

Atop the cliffs, we set a fire

That’s final as a funeral pyre

To lure lost ships through fatal fog

And break their backs upon the rocks

Then one lone ship lost in the night

“Ahoy, a beacon burning bright!”

Flounders, fractured in stormy swell

Each sailor sent to a watery Hell

But any crew that may make land

Give unto them, a helping hand

To cast them off this mortal coil

Relieve them of their meagre spoils

A swift cut with the sharpest blade

Their God, perhaps their souls will save

While we loot, plunder and rob each

White horses break upon the beach

From that ship, her broken bow

Strip her treasures and somehow

See a fortune for us, each

Our wall of silence, never breach

Yet racked now with remorse I feel

Like men are broken on the wheel

My guilt, it grows and breeds inside

These feelings such, I can’t abide

Now to my crimes, I do attest

In service to the sea, I’m pressed

To send salvation from the land

Save the souls that once, I damned

To the solitude of a lonesome light

A blessed beacon in the night

I, to cleanse a guilty heart

And flee my nightmares, now depart

So though I’ll live a life alone

Afoot a tall foreboding home

Sat silently on torturous rocks

My only friend, a ticking clock

For many moons, I lived in peace

And almost did my nightmares cease

Then came the night, the savage storm

And great waves crashed upon the shore

‘Tis then I saw crawl ‘cross the rocks

Each sorry soul that I’d forgot

But savage seas had held so dear

Now must I face, my mortal fears

For every man that I had wronged

Cut short their shanty seadog songs

Each single soul that I had damned

Rise from the waves and reach for land

To make me pay for all my crimes

Took them each before their time

And drag me down to darkest depth

Where I drown and gasp for breath

Beneath the waves, this watery grave

Where surely will I stay a slave

Deep in the depths with Davy Jones

Crabs strip my flesh from sorry bones

Original Dark Poetry.

Copyright © Craig Detheridge.

2015 – 2017.

For Dark Souls

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