The Woman In A Black Veil.

An Original Dark Poetry piece featuring the
tale of a thug who attempts to rob an elderly
woman and gets more than he bargained for.

An old woman hobbles by him, whispers his name

He doesn’t truly see her, she walks with a cane

An ebony cane with a stunning motif

A skull set with jewels, he can barely believe

That a woman as she, of such meagre means

Possess an object straight out of his dreams

The frail, haggard woman in a black veil and dress

Clasps this beautiful object that he must possess

He turns to pursue her and walking at speed

The cane’s calling to him, he feels a great need

To take this fine prize and to make it his own

So he chooses to rob the crooked old crone

Now right behind her and he makes a grab

For the exquisite object, he knows he must have

But turning to face him, she exhibits no fear

With her cane held aloft, all his pain disappears

The skull on the black cane now glows with white light

Eerie and eldritch, it shines in the night

Monetarily blinded, but then he sees

The shell of a body that’s slumped at his knees

The haggard old woman in a black veil and dress

Now he sees her true form, the embodiment of death

And much too late he grasps the sad truth

The ebony cane’s stolen more than his youth

It’s he who’s been robbed on this night black as coal

For the woman in a black veil has ripped out his Soul

Original Dark Poetry.

Copyright © Craig Detheridge.

2015 – 2017.

For Dark Souls

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