Vampire Kisses.

A Gothic, Vampire love poem.

Comes unto me deep in the night
Seduced by dark and stormy eyes
A femme fatale, her fatal charms
White dove, weak within her arms

No cross of thorns upon this chest
My heavy head lays on her breast
Hope in her arms, I’ll always be
Yet still, I see an end to me

She brings a midnight melody
Dark fantasy, come lie with me
But leave me with no memory
Sweet pain, I’m swimming in a sea

Such perfect passion’s surely death
And as she sweetly bites my neck
I’m stripped of all my miseries
All fears have flown, I feel so free

Sweet scarlet drips and stains her lips
As on my naked neck, she sips
These haggard hands upon her hips
So weak now, as I’m losing grip

But one mere man’s mortality
Can never be enough for she
When finally, I’m drained bone dry
Placid, pale beneath night skies

The one thing that I’ll surely miss
Is her sweetest vampire kiss
No Nosferatu nightmare, she
Yet walks on through eternity

Original Dark Poetry.
Copyright © Craig Detheridge.
2015 – 2017.

Watch the video version here!

Vampire Kisses.

For Dark Souls

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