An Original Dark Poetry piece about regret and the heartache and suffering it brings!

This piece features at The Museum Of Regret in conjunction with HeartofGlass and also at a live poetry and art exhibition at Beechams’ Building, St. Helens.


I shed a sea of tears today, it came as no release

But brought to mind the bad times, I’d buried to find peace

Every day I was too weak to make the hardest choice

Avoided confrontation, cowered, suppressed my inner voice

Now I’m just left longing, for what is out of reach

Been beaten, weathered, cast aside as pebbles on a beach

No needle ever scarred this way and broken bones may heal

But all the healing in the world won’t change the way I feel

It’s hard to hide from consequence of actions you regret

The ones that truly never leave, the ones you can’t forget

How it might have worked out had I walked another road

Then maybe in these darkest days, I’d not feel so alone

Nothing burns so badly as emotion, hurt and loss

Hidden in a private Hell, your burden and your cross

All the times I told myself “I’m okay, I’ll be fine”  

Now I know I lied, feels like I truly died inside  

Seemingly I’m shackled by a shell I can’t control

Emotionally crippled, cold and darkness fills my soul

Original Dark Poetry.

Copyright © Craig Detheridge.

2015 – 2017.

Watch the video version here!

For Dark Souls

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