Red Spots Stain The Mirror.

This is a cathartic piece……………….. I have never self-harmed nor do I encourage others to do so…Get help…No more suffering in silence!

The white room is so lonely

Just like the outside world

Introspective, no one knows

As a foetus now I’m curled

Another act to ease the pain

The final cut, a place in time

Just one more of many scars

One more time, then nevermind

Now red spots stain the mirror

Bloodied blade left in the sink

No cry for help, this final act

Don’t want to stop and think

Bled out in the bathtub

Stained water soaks the floor

No pain, there’s no tomorrow

So you won’t see me anymore

Original Dark Poetry.

Copyright © Craig Detheridge.

2015 – 2018.

Watch the video version here!

Red Spots Stain The Mirror.

For Dark Souls

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