The Great Beast.

Original Dark Poetry – The Great Beast.

An Original Dark Poetry piece based on the life of Aleister Crowley who was an English occultist and ceremonial magician. Denounced by the popular press of his time as “the wickedest man in the world” and a Satanist, Crowley has remained a highly influential figure in Western esotericism and the counter-culture.

Read the whole thing here! – The Great Beast.
Watch it here! – The Great Beast.


I have many more pieces to share with you all and I am still actively writing new compositions. I intend to post another Original Dark Poetry piece in the next few days.

Thank you to those people who have taken time out to read my Original Dark Poetry pieces.

Please comment and share this site’s details with any other interested parties.

Lilies And Remains.

Lilies And Remains.

An Original Dark Poetry piece featuring the tale a man who murders his wife in a fit of rage but can’t bring himself to dispose of her body.

Inspired partially by @A_S_May Tea On The Veranda, partially by the movie Psycho. – Dedicated to @A_S_May.

Read the whole thing here! – Lilies And Remains.
Watch it here! – Lilies And Remains.

Title borrowed from the Bauhaus track of the same name.

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For Dark Souls

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