Nothing To Me.

A man falls into denial, alcoholism and madness after losing his love!

What she’s taken, my whole life
So I’m getting drunk tonight
Like I’ve found a new, old friend
Watch me falling down again

Faded photos flood my brain
Tainted teardrops fall like rain
As raging rivers to the sea
Feel you’re always here with me

But you now mean nothing to me
Is what I tell myself

On my lips, there’s your last kiss
Hope that heaven tastes like this
In my dreams, I see your face
Feel like I’ve fallen out of grace

All alone, lost in the crowd
Drowned in silence that’s so loud
Hangs above me like a sword
Damocles has been reborn

I hear footsteps, no more faces
In these lost and lonely places
Now I can’t tell lies from truth
These days I haven’t got a clue

And you all mean nothing to me
Is what I tell myself

In my mind, I hear your voice
Can’t forget you, got no choice
My heavy heart holds only you
But all the joy has been removed

What you’ve taken, my whole life
And so I’m drunk again tonight
Sobriety’s no friend of mine
Bring the whiskey, bring the wine

When they do, you’re nothing to me
Is what I tell myself

Original Dark Poetry.
Copyright © Craig Detheridge.
2015 – 2018.

Nothing To Me.

For Dark Souls

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