An Original Dark Poetry piece based on the movie MEMENTO directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Guy Pearce. Released in the year 2000, it is recommended viewing.

The movie’s protagonist has a condition that severely affects his memory. Consequently, he lives his life from moment to moment, day to day, trying to make sense of it all through scribbled notes, photographs and the odd tattoo. This piece is intentionally disjointed in an attempt to reflect his life experience.

Waking up in a hotel room

A photo or two, my only memory of you

Still, I know, you killed my wife,

Fucked up my head

And my revenge? I’ll shoot you dead

I won’t feel bad, there’ll be no remorse

When my retribution’s run its course!

Have I mentioned my condition?

Only every time we meet

Get in the car, close the door

We’ll go cruise the streets

New tattoos upon my body, I always feel surprised

When I see them in the mirror, help tell truth from lies

I’ll never recall the words that you said

But they’re written right here on my neck

A photo or two, my only memory of you

Who’s chasing who?

It ain’t black and white

Changes in a moment, now I’m pursued

Running for my life

Marks on your face

I couldn’t say if I saw them yesterday

Turn around, walk in again

Just like you’re someone new

Wake up with someone I don’t know

Sweat on our bodies, looking for clues

Is this the first time ever with you?

The flash of recognition in your eyes

Is just a lie, one that you’ll try to keep

Try to deny the freak

She tests you, now she’s dead

You wonder why, holding her

Cry like you’ve never cried!

Try to read the people, the lines on their face

It’s all in their eyes, never believe their lie.

My whole life in two rooms, I didn’t know I had

An unwitting victim of his deceit

He tells me “always get a receipt”.

No new memories, like this life’s, not mine

Moment to moment day to day

And I’ll never recall what you say

Now I’ve got your picture

Know your name

Seen your lies

Drive to the outskirts of town

Time to shoot you down

You killed my wife

Fucked up my head

And my revenge? I shot you dead

I don’t feel bad, there’s no remorse

Now my retribution’s run its course!

Original Dark Poetry.
Copyright © Craig Detheridge.
2015 – 2017.

Watch the video version here!



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