Original Dark Poetry.

Original Dark Poetry the paperback edition is available now to purchase on Amazon here!

Kindle edition also available here!

The Original Dark Poetry pieces featured in this collection are the culmination of several years work through many disturbed states of mind.

As such, they reflect many of the darkest attributes associated with the human condition including sex, hate, fear, religion, death, violence, emotional suffering, alienation and depression amongst many others.

A man can never truly escape his inner demons, yet still, we stumble through our short existence attempting that very thing, denying our darkest fears and desires.

Take a look inside the hidden corners of a macabre mind where one man’s meat, is another man’s poison! Some of the Original Dark Poetry pieces featured in this collection portray bloody and graphic acts of violence and mutilation that may shock some readers. While violence is not unknown to him, the author in no way endorses any behaviour of the sort that may cause harm to oneself or others.

Craig Detheridge.



Original Dark Poetry Amazon Author page.




Original Dark Poetry piece, Regret, features at
The Museum Of Regret.



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