Lilies And Remains.

An Original Dark Poetry piece featuring the tale
of a man who murders his wife in a fit of rage
but can’t bring himself to dispose of her body. Title borrowed from the Bauhaus track of the same name.

Inspired partially by @A_S_May Tea On The Veranda, partially by the movie Psycho. – Dedicated to @A_S_May.

My beautiful woman

Such a beautiful corpse

Rests in the old rocker

On our white, weathered porch

Garlands of black lilies

Enwreathe exquisite remains

Sometimes I still hear her

Softly calling my name

Dressed up so dilly

She still holds my heart

I know she still loves me

As she did from the start

Hope someday to join her

In everlasting embrace

And that we’ll waltz together

For the years don’t erase

The guilt that’s my burden

Since I saw the red mist

Strong hands on a swan’s neck

Which snapped with a twist

Now accusing eyes watch me

As she whispers I’m wrong

And that cold beside her

Is where I truly belong

Original Dark Poetry.

Copyright © Craig Detheridge.

2015 – 2017.

Watch the video version here!

For Dark Souls

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