Leave Them All Behind.

This piece is more hopeful and is about leaving behind all the
empty fears, empty people and their empty bull shit promises
and negativity that does nothing but drag you down!

While wasps fall spent upon the floor

Extracted stings, no pain, no more

For now that all their venom’s gone

Perhaps the time has finally come

Just to leave them all behind

Sad empty vessels now so weak

Talk in tongues yet seldom speak

Presumed powers now dispersed

No longer in their lies immersed

Slashed and bled by razor rushes

Painting portraits without brushes

Though the palette’s all but spoilt

Not lost in vain shall be hard toil

Dark nothing’s sap pride’s energy

Like Autumn rot that clings to the trees

To splinter Winter’s glacial Earth

Bask in the Sun of Spring’s rebirth

It’s time to leave them all behind!

Original Dark Poetry.

Copyright © Craig Detheridge.

2015 – 2017.

Watch The Video Version here!

Break Free.
Leave Them All Behind.

For Dark Souls

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