Kiss, Kiss – Bang, Bang!

A tale of love, obsession, infidelity and murder-suicide!

Met a girl I wanted so

To let all loose

My passions flow

Feels so to me

Like she’s the one

I just wanna jump her bones

Kiss, Kiss – Bang, Bang!

Wow, I can’t wait

To see her again

And let her know

Be more than friends

Her red rose is what I crave

Only she, my heart can save

Kiss, Kiss – Bang, Bang!

She’s in my head

And fills my heart

What would I do

If we ever part?

Break that bitch and myself too

Till nothing’s left, believe it’s true

Kiss, Kiss – Bang, Bang!

Can’t believe what I’ve been told

Another man

My blood runs cold

Now I hear what I must do

 ‘Cos if it’s not me

He won’t have you

Kiss, Kiss – Bang, Bang!

I call her up, one last time

“Let’s touch base, talk awhile”

So as we share the last embrace

I gently kiss her perfect face

Speak no words, nothing’s said

Then I shoot her in the head

Now we two will never part

But share bullets, broken hearts

Kiss, Kiss – Bang, Bang!

Original Dark Poetry.

Copyright © Craig Detheridge.

2015 – 2018.

Kiss, Kiss – Bang, Bang!

For Dark Souls

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