An Original Dark Poetry piece based on a near fatal road traffic accident I was involved in.

It all happened so fast
You didn’t slow, now we’ve crashed
Speeding, crash, impact, whiplash

My head rebounds, hard target
The world crawls like bullet time
Or is It all in my mind?

Right now I could be anywhere
Am I dreaming? I neither know nor care
Weightless and I feel no pain

Whole word flips, dead leaves in a breeze
Airborne then fall back to Earth
Encased and trapped, must break free

Kicking out, I climb toward the sky
Only one way now, it’s do or die
A mighty shove on mangled shell

Dropping down to solid ground
Following faded white lines
Nothing around makes a sound

Sat at the side, my lifeblood seeps
I raise my hands and feel the heat
Now I feel the colour red

Touching fresh scars, am I dead?

People swarming all about
So many questions, no answers
I feel only doubt

7.30, Thursday 5th
When the game changed
Could have died that day

Now nothing’s ever gonna be the same!

Original Dark Poetry.
Copyright © Craig Detheridge.
2015 – 2017.

Watch the video version here!

For Dark Souls

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