Hold On!

A story of a love lost in the cold, grey light of morning!

Partially inspired by Tom Waits, again, partially based on real life.
Blue Electric Skies is referencing what was, a local nightspot.
Wild Is The Wind is referencing the cover version by David Bowie.

I’m feeling so in love with you

As we hold each other in the blue

Crazed lights of this cavern bar

And hoping you can heal the scars

As he sings “Wild Is The Wind”

I’m thinking ’bout the times we sinned

So until the coming light of day

We move like there’s no music playing

And I just hold on

Beneath the blue electric skies

I’m staring deep in your green eyes

Like emeralds, they seem to shine

Feel lucky that you’re only mine

Deep your eyes and how they gleam

It’s just like drowning in a dream

Wading through a gleaming pool

Never thought you’d play me for a fool

Still, I just hold on

Beneath the cold, grey morning skies

I watch as love’s light leaves your eyes

When you simply turn and walk away

Left lonely at the break of day

Never knew how very far you’d stray

Or thought you’d wish it all away

The feeling that kept me so warm

Drained out in the cold light of dawn

I’ll hold on, though all hope’s gone

See I’m still in love with you

And though it beats me black and blue

Try to hold on tightly to my dream

While it melts away like warm ice cream

Original Dark Poetry.

Copyright © Craig Detheridge.

2015 – 2018.

Hold On!

For Dark Souls

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