Dead Inside.

An Original Dark Poetry piece about
feeling dead, cold and empty inside.

All the love I had has died

I wouldn’t say I lied, I tried

With all the ones I lay beside

Still, it’s true, I’m dead inside

All the passion passed me by

You can see it in my dead eyes

As black rain falls from the sky

Soaking through, I wonder why?

My heart is as a hollow bell

I languish, locked inside a cell

My own creation, my own Hell

With denizens of the dark, I dwell

All the love I had is dead

Prostrate, naked on a bed

Swallowed whole by death’s head

All the love I had is dead

Boiling point inside my brain

Burns as bright as any flame

Through the pain, emotions drain

Now I’m the living dead again

All the love I had is dead

A broken box inside my head

All I feel is fear and dread

And all the love I had is dead

So don’t look inside my head

You won’t like what you see

Deep waters run dark and still

The monster’s maw’s inside of me

Original Dark Poetry.

Copyright © Craig Detheridge.

2015 – 2017.

For Dark Souls

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