Cut Me Down.

An Original Dark Poetry piece featuring the tale of a Wild West gunfighter and the violent past that eventually, sees him hang!

Inspired by the Queens Of The Stone Age track, Hangin’ Tree from Songs for the Deaf.


I lived like I died

Swift and violent, no pride

Shot ’em down in the dust

With no mercy because

I was callous and cold

Never did as they told

And all fragile things die

Where black vultures fly

My crimes hung me high

Not a word, not a sigh

So I swing from the bough

On the outskirts of town

‘Til they cut me down

With red dust piling high

Devil’s dance a while

The wind blows, I just sway

No place to go anyway

Given time, you’ll forget

How the rope burned my neck

Before death brought the chill

Left me hanging dead still

‘Til they cut me down

The Sun’s hanging high

In a pitiless sky

While the creek’s running dry

And the weed tumbles by

The bloody red rocks

And the Sun’s all I’ve got

Until darkness falls

All the coyote’s call

They’ll cut me down

Then my whole lot

Is a splintered pine box

My destiny fulfilled

A barren grave on Boot Hill

When they cut me down

Original Dark Poetry.

Copyright © Craig Detheridge.

2015 – 2017.

Watch the video version here.

For Dark Souls

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