The Camera.

An Original Dark Poetry piece featuring the tale of a young man abused as a child, who grows up with a fascination for cameras and death, filming his victims as he kills them to capture their fear. Inspired by the 1960 thriller/horror movie Peeping Tom.

Exploited every childhood fear

Throughout all my early years

Blights my life, saved no tears

A camera, his whole world it’s clear

Now that I am fully grown

I have a camera all my own

Seeds of sickness have been sown

And life, I live it all alone

I know my camera never lies

Filming fear plain in your eyes

Whilst I push steel deep inside

And view for kicks another time

Caught on film, I’ll kill again

Captured acts on every frame

All the girls are just the same

It’s they that truly carry blame

Shutter speed and your last breath

Close as one, my art from death

No matter if you’re not undressed

To childhood, I once again regress

I run that reel most every night

Looks almost like you died of fright

Now once again your fear’s in sight

The flashing blade, it shines so bright

It’s true my torture never ends

They come for me, my blue friends

But I’ll break before I bend

And take my life before the lens

The flashing blade, it shines so bright

Snuffs out my inner spark tonight

And as my very soul takes flight

I’m free at last,  there’s no more fight

No camera ever saved this wretch

True peace and beauty found in death

Copyright @ Craig Detheridge.

2015 – 2017.

Watch the video version here! – The Camera.

For Dark Souls

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