My Bloody Valentine.

An Original Dark Poetry piece featuring the tale of a young man rejected by his one love on Valentine’s Day and the violent, bloody revenge he exacts as a result.

Inspired by the Nick Cave featuring Kylie Minogue track,
Where The Wild Roses Grow From Murder Ballads.

On Valentine’s Day, I offer up my heart

Swearing to you, that we’ll never part

Rejected, belittled,  I feel such a fool

While all of this time, you play it so cool

You deem me not worthy of love or respect?

Then you haven’t seen the worst of me yet

I’ll show you’re so wrong to treat me this way

There’s a darkness within, born of this day

You fanned the flames of the fire inside

And for your rejection, I’ll put you in line

Restraining sweet rage and biding my time

Take bloody revenge, My Bloody Valentine

See you stole my heart, returning the favour

All my nefarious planning I’ll savour

I’ll cut and you’ll bleed as you won’t be mine

And drink deeply of you, My Bloody Valentine

On a long leather strap, I hone my bright new friend

And I use her to slash you again and again

She sings a sweet song with each cut I inflict

And drips a deep red, caressed by my lips

Stripping you naked, but I’ll spare your blushes

Down by the riverside, deep in the rushes

Over your cold dead eyes and a body that’s bloating

Stood sanguine and bloody, on my victory, gloating

If you could look up from your watery grave

Then you’d see that piece that I hacked out to save

To keep close at hand, now we’re always together

No other shall know and you’ll be mine forever

I’ll have you again, oh some many times

For you cannot deny me, My Bloody Valentine

Original Dark Poetry.

Copyright © Craig Detheridge.

2015 – 2017.

Watch the video version here!

For Dark Souls

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