A Final Freedom.

Some might say this is morbid, I say it’s a celebration of
someone finding a total release from pain and suffering!

I surpass all the suffering

Finally, I feel no pain

Don’t cry for me, pray for me

All tears lost in the rain

Prayers wasted on an atheist

They never saved a soul

Nor could they bring me comfort

In the days as I grew old

For each man born of woman

Has but little time to bloom

You might mourn me all your days

Your own end comes too soon

Remembered means immortal

Celebrate the peace I’ve found

A toast and hold your glasses high

And then, please drink one down

Termination, Degradation, Emancipation

A Final Freedom

A Forever Peace

Original Dark Poetry.

Copyright © Craig Detheridge.

2015 – 2018.

Watch the video version here!

A Final Freedom.

For Dark Souls

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