An Original Dark Poetry piece about how the fallout from domestic violence impacts on the lives of all those and echoes down the years.


One more year in many lives

Nothing new just steps in time

But still a milestone in mine

When violence causes her to flee

From bruises not so clear to see

The bow breaks from the family tree

This couple cracked under the strain

She never wants that hurt again

Lives left in pieces, forever pain

No father’s face to turn towards

Stranded, lost on lonely shores

Is this one of life’s rich rewards?

The act, it echoes down the years

Nothing left but doubt and fears

At end of days, no end to tears

This life will never be the same

Perhaps I can’t escape my pain

But history won’t repeat again

This is why I doubt myself

A reason that I’ve been through Hell

Why I have no soul to sell.

It’s why I hurt most every day

That I’ve so little left to say

Why I’ve pushed them all away

And hurt all those who ever loved me!

Original Dark Poetry.

Copyright © Craig Detheridge.

2015 – 2017.

Watch the video version here!

For Dark Souls

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